Portraits by Groverstudio...

About 20 years ago, when I was mainly involved in shooting products and conceptual still life using large format film cameras, I began to do portrait studies in black & white. Most of these studies were either friends or family, but then the process evolved to include clients and their families. 

I was asked by a client to sponsor a breast cancer walk by offering charity portrait sessions. I thought it was a great idea, and we raised $6000 in short order as she recruited the subjects and I photographed each subject in exchange for a donation. 

This evolved further and over the years I have been involved in portrait sets for large companies as well as artists and further non-profit. My main focus is the single subject with couples of interest as well. While I prefer the universal classic quality of black & white work, I can also work in color. Depending on your time commitments, I work with large format digital or DSLR. Most sessions are 1 hour, though the larger corporate shoots we aim for a 10-15 minute window. 

I really enjoy the process of working with a portrait subject over an hour session. I work hard to make you comfortable, and to give you ample time to explore expressions and have fun with it--I promise to delete those pictures you hate :-)


Please contact me at john@groverstudio.com for further details.

For other work, you can see my site at www.groverstudio.com